Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How About Two Parties?!

This morning it's announced that  the President would begin accepting money for a 'super pac' fund. It underscores the problem of big money in our electoral process. Not just big money - unaccountable, vast sums of money, from virtually anonymous donors. Make no mistake about it, it is troublesome. 

At the same time, a stand on 'principle' leaves you out of the race.

Ironically, from the 'life imitates art' department, just such a dilemma was depicted in an episode of  'The West Wing'. I posted this in 2010 and it emphasizes the problem with 'the principle' and the practical reality. 

What do you think?

One of my all time favorite character actors was Ron Silver (1946-2009). And, of course, I especially loved his portrayal of the hired gun, political operative Bruno Gianelli in 'The West Wing'.

Silver was apparently quite the paradox. A former Democrat, who became a Republican, but described himself as a liberal. He supported George Bush, the elder, but voted for Obama in 2008. I love it when you can't pin a person down to just one thing!

Anyway, this is one of my favorite scenes in which Silver appeared. Here his is trying to convince President Bartlett's staff, that if they want to compete in his re-election bid, they are going to have to use 'soft money' - money that is not officially a part of the campaign, so that there is no limits to usage. The Republican candidate is doing it and as he says earlier, 'I just think we ought to be running in the same race...' This scene is Silver's (Gianelli's) response to the staff's ethical queasiness to his idea.


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