Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Busy Season's not Over and We Need Partners

I really like summer, but I LOVE autumn. The weather (in north Texas, at least), football, nature's fantastic colors. What's not to love?!

Usually in the fall I think the rest we take during the summer with vacations and all, is over and it's time to 'get back to work'. This year is different!

In an earlier post I told you what a busy summer its been.

Job training, permanent supportive housing, summer programs for youth, planning our public policy work (which is almost constant throughout the month of October). Two book clubs a month, in two different locations. Plans for the Opportunity Center in South Dallas. Getting used to CityWalk. Growth of our work in San Antonio and in Austin.


And some of the most worthwhile work I've ever been a part of! The needs continue to grow and growing deeper, not just wider is an expensive proposition.

For instance, take look at how we're trying to leverage the work we've done through our "Food on the Move" program.

I hope you consider partnering with us to transform Dallas!

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