Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unify South Dallas: One Year Modeling Advanced Citizenship

One of the most satisfying areas of our Public Policy work has been to the opportunity to organize and work with the young leaders of Unify South Dallas. Watching this group of youthful community leaders, entreprenuers and non-profit leaders work with many older longtime leaders as they come up with fresh ideas and synthesize plans for the area that have long since gathered dust has been inspirational for me.

USD's work has helped develop and promote what is called 'The South Dallas Action Plan', a plan for the comprehensive redevelopment of the predominately African-American neighborhood just south of downtown Dallas. You can see it below.

Leaders of USD are now in the process of engaging elected leaders and leaders across the city, as well as state agencies, to build a broad consituency for this plan and its components. It's a coalition that is just a little over one year old and shows increasing promise as they model advanced citizenship.

Check out more on the Unify South Dallas website.

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