Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Historical Perspective and Reason

He's told the history of our country by examining the Civil War, baseball and jazz. He is a documentarian who has become the consummate storyteller, making biographies and the dissecting of great episodes of American history accessible to those who zoned out in social studies classes.

I can't think of anything that Ken Burns has done that I haven't liked.

I was actually looking for a clip from his 'Baseball' series to post (since so many of us in the Metroplex are caught up in World Series fever and the Cowboys are mailing it in for the rest of the season), because I'm taking another look at it and finding it very entertaining. Instead I found this!

I think Burns' history based perspective is something to which we all should pay attention.

Perhaps you've already voted. If you haven't these words are worth thinking about as you enter the booth. If indeed you have already voted, these are some thoughts that should color our perspective no matter the results of the election.

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