Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An Object Lesson in The Electoral Process

The election is over. What's the worst thing that happened last night? Let me help you out - it's NOT that Republicans took back the House. Nor is it that the majority of Governors in the country come from the GOP.

Elections have winners and losers. The winners are the one's who speak up. They organize. The communicate with one another. They are clear about their agenda and they are focused on their purpose.

But this type of citizenship is about more than voting...

Say what you want about GOP's, conservatives, TEA Partiers and whomever else were part of this victory. They've taught the country a lesson about what it means to make a difference. It's not enough to not like what's going on. It's not enough to wring your hands and talk about the enormity of the problem. It's not enough to even get angry.

Elections are won by people who make a commitment - to their neighbors, their communities, to their country. It's not enough to turn politicians into celebrities. It's not enough to establish the symbolism associated with a cause. Elections are won by people who understand their self-interest and who know the issues that are associated with that self-interest and who are not satisfied to let someone do the heavy lifting for them.

We are in for a rocky time for the next two years. Those who have been elected will have to govern and what that means is not going to be to everyone's liking. But for those who don't like the outcome of yesterday's election, blaming TEA Partiers, conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians and whomever else, is a monumentally unproductive waste of time. They are citizens who didn't like what they saw in government and decided to change it. Many of us don't share the philosophy and don't like the message, but that's almost besides the point. They did what citizens are supposed to do.

The question is, what do citizens who don't like this change do?!

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