Monday, November 22, 2010

Why 'CitySquare'? Here's Another Explanation...

I've not run into anyone who hasn't liked our new name! Even when I've been asked why, it's taken a lot less time to explain than it used to when trying to explain that we were not a church, nor were we supported by any denomination.

The Dallas Morning News' Steve Blow, celebrates with us in his column yesterday that further explains why Central Dallas Ministries is now CitySquare.

"...the name is new but CitySquare's theology is not."

""We are a faith-based organization, and we always will be," Larry said. "We're here, doing what we do, because of our faith.""

"But he said he likes the new name because it invites questions rather than creating assumptions."

"The nonprofit worked with the Richards Group in coming up with the new name."

"CitySquare was chosen from more than 100 possibilities. "We were all quickly attracted to this name," Larry said."

"He noted that much of the action in the Bible takes place in public squares. And that's where he wants to be – engaged with the world, meeting people where they are, collaborating with others to change lives."

Here's the rest of Steve's column. And all of the team at CitySquare appreciates him and our supporters as they celebrate and support our work and our future!

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