Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Wonderful Opportunity to Share with Two Great Men

A few years ago, I was invited to participate as a speaker and panelist in a discipleship conference in Kansas City, Missouri. I had a wonderful time with some wonderful people, including an old friend, Pastor Golden Davis. But I also had a wonderful experience preaching at the Kansas City Baptist Temple and getting to know Pastor Jeff Adams and Alan Shelby.

But it was also wonderful to share that time on program with two legends in the black church: the late Dr. C.B.T. Smith and Dr. Wallace Hartsfield. Dr. Smith, the retired pastor of Dallas' Golden Gate Baptist Church and I had gotten acquainted several years before and got to know one another better after I invited him to preach at my church.

Dr. Hartsfield I had known from afar and by reputation. It was the first time I had to hear him preach and to share on a panel with him and Dr. Smith. Later on that year, when I served as interim pastor at a church in Dallas, we renewed acquaintances when he came to preach there.

He is a warm, generous, spiritually invigorating man with a great sense of humor! Not long ago he retired, and it is not hard to imagine why his congregation considers it to be a bitter-sweet period in their history.

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