Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Lessons

I'm back!

An uncommon confluence of computer problems (which still exist) and  holiday bug (which still persists), along with all of the other yuletide festivities prevented me from posting for the past few days, but here's hoping you all had a Merry Christmas.

Here are a few holiday lessons I learned along the way:

1. If you're feeling bad before Christmas Eve, no amount of holiday cheer helps you overcome the effects of shopping in a pouring cold rain ON Christmas Eve!

2. One of the best things about giving presents is the expressions on the faces of your loved ones when you've been able to give the exactly what they want...especially if they hadn't told you beforehand!

3. Faith, familyand friends make the holidays warmer...

4. For some of us, the experience of grief can be less painful if we focus on those whom we love who are still with us.

5. No matter how difficult the year has been, there is still something exciting about the prospects of being around to see another one!

Hope you're looking forward to a very Happy New Year!

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