Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Protect Our Investment and Support Their DREAM

Liz Cedillo-Pereira, an ally of mine in support of the DREAM Act wrote this op-ed that recently appeared in the Dallas Morning News. The children who will be provided a pathway to citizenship by this legislation are those in whom our country has already invested and who only desire to be able to fully to contribute to the only home they've ever the full column here.
"I am calling on our Texas senators to join many of us who support the Dream Act."

"This legislative measure would enable young people reared in this country and residing in the United States five years immediately preceding the date of the bill's enactment to use their college degrees to work in their chosen professions or to serve in the U.S. military."

"This compromise version, aimed at attracting bipartisan support, requires good character and payment of taxes, and it creates conditional nonimmigrant status for 10 years, followed by three years of legal permanent residency status prior to application for naturalization. Usually, I speak to students who might benefit from the Dream Act's passage after they reach milestones in their lives. For instance, when they apply for a driver's license or complete college applications. Without a Social Security number, these applications cannot be fully completed. Usually their question is, "Ms. Liz, how do I obtain a Social Security number so I can contribute?"'

"It is difficult for me, blessed by birth in the United States, to keep repeating the same trite answer again and again: "You can't.""
"This phrase is antithetical to the American value system. Our national ethos is that "we can" if we focus, work hard and put our nose to the grindstone."
"The Dream Act is an intermediate opportunity for Congress to address immigration reform and capture an entire generation of young people's skills and contributions for the good of Texas and the United States."

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