Friday, January 21, 2011

Blueprint for Urban Job Creation

The National Urban League is proposing a strategy for government action to address the critical need for jobs in America's urban centers. National President Marc Morial released the "12-point Blueprint for Quality Job Creation" on Wednesday. It is as follows:

1. Restore the Summer Youth Jobs Program as a Stand-alone Program Employing 5 million Teens in the Summer 2011

2. Create 100 Urban Jobs Academies to Implement an Expansion of the Urban Youth Empowerment Program.

3. Develop a Dynamic National Public-Private Jobs Initiative to Create Jobs and Train Urban Residents and Stimulate Economic Growth in the areas of Technology and Broadband, Health Care, Manufacturing, Transportation and Public Infrastructure and Clean Energy.

4. Boost Minority Participation in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industries.

5. Reform, Revise and Reauthorize Workforce Investment Act to prepare and retrain workers for 21st century jobs.

6. Create Green Empowerment Zones.

7. Expand Small Business Lending.

8. Initiate Tax Reform that reduces rates across the board and eliminates tax loopholes.

9. Establish and Promote Multilateral International Trade Policies that expand the market for American goods and services.

10. Enact the Urban Jobs Act (H.R. 5708).

11. Expand the Hiring of Housing Counselors Nationwide.

12. Fund Direct Job Creation in cities and states.

What are your thoughts?

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