Monday, January 24, 2011

Ok, I'll Try and Get Over it...For Now!

So the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will meet February 6, at Super Bowl Dallas (well, Arlington, but whatever...). Congratulations to them both but...

It will probably take me until kick-off to really get ready for this game (not excited, but ready).

I confess, I'm still not over it.

I wasn't a Cowboys fan (or a football fan, for that matter) when the Dallas and Green Bay played in the '66 Cotton Bowl National Championship or the '67 Ice Bowl. But sore feelings (ok, bitterness), is inherited around those two storied games.

Dallas lost in 1966 to the Green Bay Packers by a score of  34-27, in the Cotton Bowl; in 1967's famed Ice Bowl game, the Cowboys were defeated again, by the Packers 21-17.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, however, is another matter! I lived with those loses! I've never forgotten them. Two Super Bowl losses by a mere EIGHT points COMBINED (Superbowl X, 21-17; Superbowl XIII, 35-31)!

Images of those contests are ingrained in my memory...aided by ESPN retrospectives and the constant reminders of photos that show Lynn Swann's acrobatic catches and Jackie Smith's...dropped pass!

So what's a Cowboy fan to do?

Well I suppose the sportsmanlike thing is to get over it and realize that Dallas is just a host to these to franchises. And to find something to root for. So...

I'm rooting for....the Pittsburg Steelers (there, I said it!).

I like dynasties. I like records. So I want to see Ben Rothlesburger etch his name in history, and yes, seal his claim on a Hall of Fame induction (personal issues notwithstanding - at least at this point). I also love the way Mike Tomlin coaches. A second Super Bowl victory for him, will open the door wider for more diversity among NFL coaches. It's just the way it works.

So it may take me until kick-off to say it with any real enthusiasm, but...'Go Steelers' (sigh)!

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