Monday, February 28, 2011

Get The Message?

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's efforts to limit the collective bargaining rights of teachers is a heroic stand to restore fiscal sanity to the state budget. Either that or a evidence of the insanity of trying to secure the long term economic future of the state by making teaching one of the least desirable jobs in the country. Take your pick.

Either that, the protest of Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin, educators and their supporters are showing the rest of the country something: those who objected to the 2008 election don't have a monopoly on expressing unwillingness to capitulate to politics with which they don't agree. It's actually interesting that there are those who thought they have a right to seek to invalidate an election result through protest (using 'anger' as a motivation) are crying bloody murder now that those who disagree with them are doing the same.


At any rate, Wisconsin has a message for the rest of us. They're expressing that message in ways that ought to resonate with those who believe that a scorched earth fiscal policy that calls on everyone but the rich to sacrifice is...well, not sane.

And the one we could hang as a banner over the Lone Star State, given our bleak economic outlook...

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