Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Will Texas Look in the Future?

Interesting reflection on 2010 Census and the impact of Texas population growth, the growth of the Hispanic population in our state and what that means for Texas' future. The important questions is whether a dwindling population of whites in the Lone Star are interested sharing power with this growing demographic. 

" well do Anglos who are being left behind by this population shift deal with a state where Latinos could drive the politics, culture and economy? 
"Plenty of Texas' Anglo political leaders have made it clear they want a welcoming society. But their voices are being drummed out at the moment by those who want to do away with the immigrant-friendly parts of our culture, such as letting children of illegal immigrants automatically become citizens if they are born in the U.S."
Texas' growth means that its apportionment of U.S. Representatives will increase by as many as four. Where the new districts will be, how the growing populations of Latinos and Asians will be included and the share of power which African-Americans (whose population remains flat, if not a slight decline), will determine what the political power and the culture of the state will look like in the coming decades. 
Here are a couple of interactive maps that show population growth (or decline) and apportionment projections by state and one in which you can find estimates for the demographics in your city - or even your neighborhood!

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