Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Memoriam: Rev. A. Louis Patterson III

Rev. A. Louis Patterson III (1967-2011)
There are those of us, in Dallas, Garland and Houston, whose hearts are a little heavy today, because of the passing of a friend of ours, Rev. A. Louis Patterson, III.

We were all stunned as young Pat left us at the young age of 43.

He won many of us because of his infectious smile, his quick wit and a warm, welcoming and engaging personality. Still others knew him as a wonderful pastor and preacher here in Dallas.

I was always drawn to him because, as the son of Dr. A. Louis Patterson, Jr., a legend in the African-American Baptist Church, Patterson never tried to trade on his father's reputation. Rather he appeared to be determined to establish himself based on his understanding of God's Will and direction for his life. Believe me, that's challenging when your father is well known and respected.

I'll miss our encounters and conversations. Those who know him better than I, will mourn more deeply. But we all will move forward in life a little empty because of his absence.

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