Monday, March 14, 2011

A Reason to Celebrate & The Inspiration to Continue

We were really excited about the response to our Annual Prayer Breakfast.

It was a wonderful time to share the spiritual motivation for our work, recommit to our mission to address root causes of poverty in our community and celebrate the successes we see on more occasions than we can count.

A highlight of the morning was the premier of a new video which shows what happens when the our programs work in synergy to make a dramatic impact on the lives of our neighbors. Sometimes our team get so 'lost in the weeds', so to speak, even we aren't aware of the difference we are making. But when we get a chance to see it, we are not only thrilled for those whose lives are made better, we are inspired to work even harder.

Here's the video. We hope you feel the same way and hope you see that investing in CitySquare is well worth any sacrifice you make to further our mission!

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