Friday, March 18, 2011

There are Evangelicals Who Actually Do Get It

Not all evangelicals are bent on a contorted theology equating untrammeled capitalism with Kingdom virtues. Rod Sider, a progressive evangelical whom I've admired for a long time and with whom I've had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time when I was a pastor, makes salient points that Christians need to remember...
"Balancing the federal budget at the expense of the poor would be un-Christian, evangelical leaders warned Congress on Thursday (March 3) as they work to reject proposed spending cuts to domestic and foreign aid."
""The Bible says that God has a special concern for the poor," said Ron Sider, president of the group Evangelicals for Social Action. "This is one of the central biblical teachings.""
"The evangelical leaders, convened by the left-leaning group Faith in Public Life, face an uphill challenge in trying to win over fellow evangelicals: a recent poll found that evangelicals are more likely than Americans overall to support cutting foreign aid while also supporting increased military spending."
"While increasing numbers of evangelicals consider the budget deficit to be a moral problem -- citing biblical injunctions against debt -- Christians should consider raising taxes and cutting military spending before sacrificing aid to the poor, Sider said."
Ministers like Sider, Brian MacClaren, Jim Wallis, Dean Trulear, are among so many who may not the household names of some others who seem to sanction equating materialism and personal comfort with spiritual blessing. But as prophets who unfailingly call our attention to the scriptural demand to make social justice and care for the poor both individual and national priorities, they are of inestimable value. I thank God for them. 

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