Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They Pay Now; We All Pay Later

I received a heads up from my friend Michael Davis, to watch CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday. I'm glad I did and I'm sorry...

I couldn't have possibly anticipated a more eloquent and heartbreaking portrayal of the cost of poverty in our country. Nor could I think of a better rationale for our work at CitySquare.


There are those who say that cuts in social programs in an effort to deal with our country's deficit will 'inconvenience' some. Still others say that those who aren't making it are drags on our nation's economy. Others say that the government doesn't have an obligation to people like these. I can't find anything in my citizenship, my faith or my humanity that says that any such reasoning is right.

These young people are the laborers, the professionals, the politicians of our nation's future. Perhaps they'll grow up tougher, with more resilient spirits and more determination than my generation. But it doesn't seem sane that we would allow these children to carry the burden of poverty now, in order to 'save' them from a 'burden of debt' later.

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