Thursday, April 28, 2011

Absurdity and Lunacy

There are a number of Americans who are probably apoplectic this morning, so I thought I'd help them out.

More than 50 years ago, a foreign power, some say Russians, others say a defeated and humiliated Germany, no one knows for sure, decided that they wanted to undermine the U.S. government.

What to do?!

Nuclear attack...that wasn't ruled out, but it was acknowledged that if there was any opportunity for retaliation by the U.S. the results could be catastrophic in apocalyptic proportions. No Nukes...

What about poison. The water supply? The food supply? The air? Couldn't be completed and again, the prospects for retaliation were far too great.

What was needed was a patient long term play. So here's what they decided. They would use the corrupt the government itself. How? They would get a foreign born president elected! Sound far fetched? That's why it made sense! SURELY a country like post WWII would, one day, be poised to do something radical and if they could somehow hi-jack the process the could possibly not only corrupt democracy but take over the country!
And so the conspiracy begins. In the coming years the hopes of this foreign power were bolstered by the election of a Catholic President and after his assassination the ascension of a Vice-President who was from a state which just one hundred years before was part of a foreign nation (the Confederate States of America!).

But how do you get this plot under the radar? After much discussion and many secret councils it was decided: we will get a black man elected as President of the United States! It was hailed as absolute genius! No one would see this coming! After all, the U.S. was in the very nascent period of the Civil Rights Era. At the time of the plot was being conceived, black people couldn't even vote! They weren't allowed to use public accommodations with whites, or live with them - or even shop with them. If, in this climate they could pull this off they could bring America to its knees!

So how to do this. They couldn't do it directly, a black man in the late '50's could get killed if he announced that he wanted to be the President. No they would have to do this covertly. They would have to have a baby GROW UP and run for President and win. But how could they do this. Could they pay someone to do this? No, that wouldn't do. Who could possibly keep their mouth shut that long? And the child would have to grow up in segregation and/or poverty it would be a highly improbable journey. How do you get this thing to fly completely under the radar?!

Then, more genius: they would use an African-American, they would use an African! They would find an African man or woman and surreptitiously  arrange a marriage with an African-American. The search began. But there was a big problem. They couldn't find an African-American woman willing to marry an African. So they decided that it had to be a white woman. WHAT GENIUS! After all, interracial marriage heading into the 1960's was illegal in most states. They could make this a liberal civil rights issue and entice a young naive white woman that way. It wasn't easy. They tried some of the most liberal states in the country: California, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. No takers. They finally found their woman in, of all places...Kansas! This was too good to be true...the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan!

Oh I tell you these were some insidiously clever people...

Now to find the African. Long story short, after scouring the entire Dark Continent and finally settled on the country of Kenya. They found a young man, carefully mentored him academically until he graduated, married, had a son and they got him a scholarship to study in America. They arranged a marriage with the woman from Kansas in a Russian language class (hint?) and one day, in Maui while the woman was 3 months pregnant they were married. They swiftly arrange for the couple to be whisked to this mysterious country until the baby is born. In the meantime, they engage the government of the virtually brand new state of Hawaii in a scheme to fix his state of birth there so that it can appear that this baby was born as a citizen of the United States! Who, after all, would ever question the legitimacy of a presidential candidate. Especially in the next 40-50 years? On August 4th the baby, Barack Hussein Obama II was born. They then settled in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This foreign power arranges for BHO, Sr. to win a scholarship to Harvard University, at which time he considers his part of the deal done. He leaves his American family to go to Cambridge and continue his life.
In '64 the woman divorces the African father of her child, she goes back to college and leaves her child to be raised by their white grandparents.

Now the foreign power has to get the child to safety, away from American culture and into an atmosphere where he can be taught their ideology and prepared to take over the country! So they arrange a marriage for the mother, but - again, it all this has to fly under the radar, so the marriage can't be to a citizen of a major superpower - it is a marriage to an Indonesian! The family moves to Indonesia and there, exposed to different cultures, different languages, different educational systems young Obama is exposed to something other than American life and culture - no Rotary Club, no Boy Scouts, no football! Now he's ready!

He returns to Hawaii and reared by his white grandparents, he attends a prestigious prep school  where he becomes - 'the black kid from Indonesia'!

His mother divorces the Indonesian husband, moves back to Hawaii to make a home for he and his half-sister. And the conspiracy continues. Young Obama has a brief encounter with his absent father, presumably to inculcate him with the surreptitious nature of his birth and his destiny. From this point on he lives a quiet life carefully constructing his pathway to the White House.

He enrolls for a brief while at Occidental College in Los Angeles and then mysteriously transfers to Columbia University in New York. Obama, Sr. mysteriously dies in a car crash during this time. His mother divorces the Indonesian. In an effort to gain experience in world takeover, Obama decides on a career which has proven itself to be the most destructive force in U.S. life and culture: he determines to become a community organizer! He accomplishes assignments as an organizer destined to undermine American civilization: he works on school reform, hazardous waste clean up in poor communities and establishes a job training center.

Now he decides on the next step to the White House, he enrolls in Harvard Law School. He to cover his tracks, he takes out student loans to pay for his tuition. Before enrolling he goes to Kenya, ostensibly to get to know his family, but it is suspected that it is there he receives more instruction from this foreign world power.

When Obama returns to the U.S. he goes to Harvard where, in line with his nefarious scheme, he excels, further cementing his plan by getting an internship at a prestigious law firm where he is partnered by the foreign world power with Michelle Robinson with whom a 'courtship' develops. He maintains the relationship when he returns to Harvard.

Obama's plans for world dominion take another step when he applies for and is elected as the President of the Harvard Law Review...absolutely mysterious because he is the FIRST African-American ever elected. The year, 1990, Obama is just barely 20 years shy of accomplishing his goal!

In order to execute his plan for his ascendancy to power and to assure a dynasty to carry on his work, Obama and Michelle wed in 1992.

The stage is set. He starts as a junior lawyer for a Chicago law firm but eventually moves on to credential himself for the presidency by teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law school, a hotbed for radical extremists bent on overthrowing the American government. To weaken the political system in his new position, Obama becomes president of the Illinois Project Vote and begins to assert his power, learned in Hawaii, Indonesia and periodic trips to Kenya (not to mention Harvard Law School) by registering 100,000 'new' voters. To circulate his ideology, he writes his memoirs, published in 1995 with the mysterious title 'Dreams from my Father'. A mesmerized and unsuspecting public warmly receives this work.

Barack Obama's mother dies this same year. He is now charged with completing his mission. Obama runs for and is elected to the Illinois State Senate that next year. In 1999, losing a critical vote on gun control (because of a mysterious absence during which he was visiting his sick daughter in Hawaii), Obama gets back on track with his plans to overthrow the government from the inside by passing some 20 pieces of legislation over the next three years. He is reelected in 2002. The next year, he summarily vanquishes opponents to win the Democratic Primary election for the Illinois seat in the U.S. Senate. Alan Keyes, a black conservative Republican tries to warn the nation about the alien nature of his opponent (after all Keyes had been running for everything for years and was unable to get elected to anything), casting doubt upon Obama's commitment to the Christian faith and his blackness! Had Keyes actually figured out the plot?!

Keyes notwithstanding, Obama wins election to the U.S. Senate, after a stirring subversive speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. The line that whipped attendees into a socialist, anti-democratic, unpatriotic frenzy that would speed his ascendancy to the White House - 'There is no Black America; no white America, no red states or blue states - there is only the United States of America!'.

Obama is now in the halls of the federal government! He is poised for the takeover and in a crafty move the first piece of legislation he gets passed is co-sponsored with Republican Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma - it is a law allowing every American to go online to see how their tax dollars are spent.

This is the shot across the bow that signals he is headed for the Oval office! How could America not have seen the plot coming to fruition? But we didn't.

In 2007, Barack Hussein Obama, announces his intention to run for the presidency. It is the culmination of a plot filled with so much genius and so thoroughly thought out for 42 years, that after his announcement and throughout contentious primaries (primaries that stopped just short of litigation to decide the winner) that the neither the State Department, the FBI, the CIA, neither the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, not the Clintons or any other candidate thought to question whether or not the emerging Democratic nominee was actually a citizen or a part of some subversive plot to overthrow the government. Making the birth certificate public was, after all, not something the foreign powers thought of. After all, Obama had a passport! Surely this wouldn't have been questioned. But it was!

Obama, deflecting and producing minimal evidence...enough evidence for a drivers license in most states, thought that the country would surely stop and think that a birth certificate to prove citizenship would not be a big deal and would not derail his plot to provide health care for most uninsured Americans. Surely this wouldn't stop the foreign powers efforts to shake the foundations of government by freeing us from the tyranny of foreign oil. Certainly such an easily obtained thing as a birth certificate wouldn't undermine the heinous efforts to get the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes or prevent muli-national, multi-billion dollar corporations from identifying loopholes in tax law to evade paying corporate taxes.

But it was an unavoidable issue. If people continue to ask questions they might uncover the plot!

Enter Donald Trump. Trump was brought in on the plot early on. He decided on a brilliant way to end the discussion. He would take the issue away from TEA Partiers and birthers by making it the central focus in a faux presidential bid. He would talk about ad infinitum until he forced the president to produce the long term birth certificate and end the speculation.

Has it worked? Will we wake up to the conspiracy? Will we be able to end the plot to make America a more just nation and listen to those who want to return to the country with which they are most familiar? Time will tell. But if the plot continues we have no one upon whom to heap more praise (or blame) than Donald Trump!

Now, anyone feeling dispirited by the production of the President's birth certificate has a theory to support further promotion of unwarranted, unproductive and illogical fantasies. Warning: I can't promise that people will think any of the above is less insane than the sheer lunacy that's been repeated over the past 2-3 years!

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