Monday, April 4, 2011

ATI Investigation - The Tip of the Iceberg?

When CitySquare began setting it's public policy agenda last year, the issue of for-profit colleges (known also as 'career colleges'), bubbled to the top of that agenda.

We didn't take the issue on lightly. We knew that many of our neighbors were in school at some of these schools and some of us even knew friends and relatives who had gone to these schools, graduated and actually found employment. But increasingly, we were seeing evidence that was making us wonder to what degree this was the exception.

For profit-colleges are big money! And while there are some that do a good job, and some that do a good job in some areas, others are exploiting the desire of the working poor and the undereducated for a better quality of life.

Along the way, we've seen that we weren't the only ones with questions. It's good to see the state taking action. It'll be interesting to see what follows...

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