Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do You Live in an 'Intelligent City'?

According to the World Resources Institute, about 75% of the U.S. live in cities (with more than half of those living in the suburbs). When we talk about what people want from the cities in which they live, whether they be large urban areas, inner city neighborhoods or suburbs has changed over the years with emphasis on energy conservation, innovations in technology and communication, as well as transportation needs and the focus on health and nutrition and the age-old need for human interaction or community.

This has given rise to a study being done on what's called 'intelligent cities': urban planning, design and policy which takes all of the aforementioned factors into account to make cities more livable, sustainable, efficient and adaptable. It's something which more and more is being taken into account in urban centers in serious neighborhood redevelopment.

Be patient, this may seem like gobbledygook, but watch as this urban design specialist describes the elements of an intelligent city. What it tells me is that Dallas really has a great opportunity to redevelop its aging, underdeveloped and economically challenged communities in ways which benefit existing residents and attract others who want to be on the cutting edge of 'intelligent' communities. 'intelligent' is your city?

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