Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Joyful Celebration of the Resurrection

You'll forgive me if I take great pride in sharing my family with you this morning!

Rev. Kevin B. Willis is my cousin. He serves as pastor of the New Life in Christ Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi. For a time he served with me, when I was a pastor here in Dallas. And let me confess, that while I sought to help him develop his ministerial gifts, it has been obvious throughout his life that he is a gifted and powerful preacher and leader. As you watch this clip, I'll add this disclaimer: I like to think I taught Kevin quite a bit, but what you see here is what I couldn't teach him if I wanted to!

I'm particularly proud of him and his wife Linda, as they followed their hearts and what they believed to be God's Spirit and left what was, by nearly any stretch of imagination, a successful pastorate at the Riverside Baptist Church, in Memphis, Tennessee and organized a new church in Mississippi. His work there is even more effective and he continues to be a blessing to his congregation and to his new city. 

This is Kevin's message from last year's Resurrection Sunday. I hope that it enhances your celebration today. If you're not familiar with worship in the Black Church, I hope this excerpt of imaginative celebration will inspire you! If you are familiar with our worship get ready to be blessed! 

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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