Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank God for Justice. Now Pray for Peace...

O Lord,

Nearly 10 years ago, our country was traumatized by the horrible site of our more than 3000 of our fellow citizens slaughtered as the symbols of our nation's wealth evaporated before our eyes. We were a country almost paralyzed by our fear as we sought for answers and we called for justice.

For nearly 10 years, we have been a country at war.

At war in Iraq.

At war in Afghanistan.

At war in Libya.

At war at home. Far too many of us have turned on one another. Far too many of us suspected and feared the innocent. Far too many of us comforted ourselves in mindless materialism; in excesses that brought about near economic collapse. Many of us have substituted nationalistic bluff and bluster for true patriotism. And far too many of us have called for a world in which an atmosphere of brotherhood and peace could never survive.

In the meantime hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost. Trillions of dollars have been spent. Families have been torn asunder. Bodies have been maimed. Brave soldiers, committed to doing their duty have sacrificed their youth. Wives have sacrificed their husbands and parents their children, that we might one day live in peace. We thank them and we thank you for their unselfish focus on duty.

Today Lord, you have given us a chance to begin anew. Tonight we can start to free ourselves from the shackles of fear, anxiety, suspicion and nationalism that have held the true character of this our country hostage. We ask Heavenly Father, that you release that spirit that can help us continue that search for our better selves.

Now Lord, we ask that you understand the release of pent up emotion from some of our countrymen. We don't celebrate death. We all celebrate a sense that justice have been achieved. We celebrate a sense that a nightmare is coming to an end and that we now see the dawning of a fresh and wonderful day. Forgive us for the times we turned on one another. Help us to forgive one another. Forgive us for the times when we, even those who claim to be your children, acted and spoke in ways, that did not reflect your Love.

Lord, thank you for the President who has diligently sought this justice. Thank you for his predecessor who also strove toward this end. Thank you Lord, for the perseverance of all of our leaders who have honestly, earnestly sought to bring us to where we are now.

Now Lord we ask for an end to war. We ask, Lord, for peace. We may never feel as safe as we did 10 years ago on September 10. But help us Lord to know what it means to pursue our lives knowing what it means to seek good for one another and to live at peace in our world. Forgive us for the pathologies associated with a war mentality. Protect this country and this President. Help us to appreciate one another more. And help us to discover the type of love for our country that glorifies you, edifies one another and blesses this world.

We ask all of this in the Name of Him Who Makes Wars to cease and gives peace that passes all understanding...


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