Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's Next for CitySquare? Opportunity!

I get a number of what we now call FAQ's (frequently asked questions) regarding our work at CitySquare. One of the most common is 'So what are you all up to now?' Sometimes I want to reply, 'An easier question is, 'What aren't we up to?!'

However, the real answer is we are now planning to move key program offerings to a new 50,000 sq. ft. property we've recently acquired that we currently call the CitySquare 'Opportunity Center' (we formerly referred to as 'The Center of Hope', but, aside with growing disenchanted with the name, we also found that 'Center of Hope' was pretty common).

CitySquare's health care, food, workforce training and AmeriCorp programs will all be located at the corner of Malcolm X and I30 in Dallas and, while we will continue to be open to all of our city, we will have a particular focus on South Dallas.

We project the project will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $9.5-$11 million, have of which is already been raised in donations and pledges. We believe that this project will truly be symbolic of the type of  'citysquare' where people will come to have their hopes restored, through health care we provide through our partnership with Baylor Hospital; food distribution in partnership and collaboration with the North Texas Food Bank and Crossroads Community Services; employment training in partnership with Dallas County Community College District and WorkSource Dallas County; economic development in partnership with Pepsico as well as a new grocery store, and through the community that will evolve as this new project serves as a destination for people from all over our city who are concerned with addressing the root causes of poverty.

As I said, as far as money is concerned, we're a shade more than half-way there. If you want to help, you can find information on how to contribute here. This effort promises to make all of Dallas proud!

I looked forward with great anticipation to the completion of CityWalk, but honestly - I'm looking forward to the Opportunity Center more!

The Opportunity Center is 'what we're up to now', but it's not all we're up to.

More later...

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