Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Does Race Still Matter?

Gwenn Ifill
Gwenn Ifill is a very gifted and intelligent television journalist, so is Michele Norris. 

To their impressive credentials as hosts of managing editor and moderator of Washington Week and co-host of NPR's 'All Things Considered' respectively, these two impressive women can add to their resume author.

Ifill has written the book 'Breakthrough' about emerging black electoral leadership in our country; Norris has written her book about conversations (or the lack of) about race, in her own family as well as in our nation. Her book is entitled, 'The Grace of Silence'.

Michele Norris
Both were at the Annapolis Book Festival this year to promote their books, but also to help facilitate a public conversation on whether or not race really matters. I defy you to listen to these two and not only come away recognizing how important it is to not only recognize the continued relevance of race, but how we do ourselves no favors by avoiding the conversations or recognizing how our efforts to achieve a 'colorblind society' really don't enrich us at all.

Do yourself a favor...watch it here and share it with someone.

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