Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Who Are We Now?

I loved the Twilight Zone. Each show was more than entertainment, they were morality plays which spoke volumes about the human condition. Our hopes. Our dreams. Our ambitions. Our fears.

Fear. It's a dreadful thing. It's very easy to incite and its very difficult to banish. Fear can cause us to turn to one another and it can cause us to turn on one another. Fear can expose heroes, villains, the courageous and the cowards. After we've been shown that we have nothing to fear, we can be frozen at our most base or our best. We can emerge from our fears in triumph or in shame.

I'm not sure where we are in our politics or our culture. We've been taught to fear others and ourselves. Are we still in the throes of desperate fear? Or are we coming out of that era and discovering something that we'll be ashamed of when we come to our senses?

Take the time to watch this episode called, 'The Shelter'. Ask yourself...Who are we?

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