Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Lipscomb Legacy

I was unable to make it to former City Councilman Al Lipscomb's homegoing service on yesterday. But I love this report of remarks from our former mayor (now U.S. Trades Representative) Ron Kirk (thanks to Dallas Weekly's Gordon Jackson):

""Matrice (wife) told my kids, "If it hadn't been for Al, your Daddy wouldn't have been mayor". Because Al shouted, I didn't have to raise my voice. Because he marched, I came in through the front door. Because he sat, I was able to rise."

Evaluating the impact, influence and the value of the life of Al Lipscomb is not difficult at all. He made us aware of the degree to which Dallas was still a city of systemic inequality. 

Every time we look around a room where business which will affect our city is done, and we are conscious of who is there - how many men, how many women, how many men and women of color, their relationship with people of little means as well as the affluent - we have Al Lipscomb to thank for that.

Every time we enter into a room and it feels natural to have people of both genders, racially proportionate representation, broader perspectives than just those of the affluent - we have Al Lipscomb to thank for that. 

Not just him, but unquestionably him.

 Let's be in prayer for his family, the friends and colleagues who worked so closely with him and who will miss him more than most of the rest of us can imagine. And let us strive to continue his legacy by continuing to make the system of our political and our communal life, more just and more fair. 

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