Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Calling on All True Believers: Don't Give Up on Lost Causes

True believers.

For me, no matter what their ideologies, they tend to be bothersome and sometimes even irritating. They are persistent idealists. And they believe in the prevailing victory of the ideal. They are purists. They tend to be seen as naive. They not only have no guile, they don't believe that there is a place for guile. They ignore the 'practicalities' when it comes to their causes. This is especially true when they run up against the realities of dealing with 'systems', whether those systems are religious, political, educational, economic.

You know what...

With exceptions, I'm beginning to understand that the only ones who really change our world are the true believers - those who put their reputations, fortunes, futures on the line in order to make this world a better place. I mean the truly transformational figures in our history: the founding fathers, the abolitionists, civil rights leaders and artists - all tend to be 'true believers'.

That's why I love the movie 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington'. It reminds me that there is a place in this world for passionate, committed 'true believers'.

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