Friday, July 1, 2011

Holly Petraeus: Fighting to Protect Our Service Personnel

You are probably not going to see a great many references to anything broadcast by the 700 Club on CTW, but, this is too good not to share!

I've written about Holly Petraeus' fight against the predatory lending industry's targeting of our military servicemen and women. This report not only further describes her passionate engagement but it also brings to high relief the hypocrisy of praising the sacrifice of our military while allowing their exploitation in the name of the 'free market'!

While there are those who love to sanctimoniously wax eloquent about how people ought to 'know better', listen to Mrs. Petraeus transparently talk about what she and the General experienced when they were young! It resonates with me, because while we didn't take out a payday loan early in our marriage, we did get a washer and dryer through one of those 'rent-to-own' businesses!

We probably paid for about three washers and dryers!

Most of us are not born financially savvy! It doesn't mean that we should be victimized. That's especially true of the young men, women and their families whom we ask to make such dramatic sacrifices to protect our country and its freedoms.

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