Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Memoriam: Paul Mayfield (1926-2011)

This has been a very challenging week. On July 4, my step-father, Paul Mayfield passed away after a brief illness. He was far more to my brother and I than a 'step-father'. His gentle spirit, his unconditional love and support, his unparalleled loyalty and devotion means that he will be missed by my mother, my brother and our larger family for the rest of our lives! 

I realized my Fathers' Day post about him was pretty poorly written, but it conveys the gist of how my brother and I feel about him and what makes this loss so deeply felt. I'm happy, however, that he got a chance to read it and I had the opportunity to tell him again, how much I loved him and appreciated him for all he'd done for us. His love for us and his total devotion to our mother and her happiness has been a gift from God for us all. 

This video is dedicated to our mother, whose courage and grace through Paul's illness has been strength to us all. And to any and experiencing a difficult time right now - may God give us all the power to 'Stand'!


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