Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Politics and Morality of the Debt Ceiling

Confused about the proposals to raise our country's debt ceiling? Don't quite understand the position of conservatives vs. progressives? Is this a political problem or a moral one? 

Religion & Ethics Newsweekly provides this excellent succinct report on what the issue is about and provides us with a view on the faith perspectives from both sides of the church aisle as well as the aisles of Congress. At the end of the day the question is where do we identify the middle? And how do we get our elected officials to recognize that middle ground.

Bob Abernathy mentions Alice Rivlin's citing of a 26 city focus group exercise in which citizens worked on the nation's debt problems. CitySquare staff members and a group of our neighbors participated in the focus group here in Dallas. We were successful at putting together a balanced budget approach. As Alan Simpson said in the clip, it was a mixture of cuts and revenue that enabled us to do it. We also had to set aside partisan and ideological agendas and look at the facts. 
Now if we can get elected officials to do the same...

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