Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CitySquare Public Policy's Next Documentary Screening: 'Crime After Crime'

CitySquare's public policy department is taking a look at wrongful incarceration and it's role in keeping poor neighborhoods poor.

African-Americans are 13% of our country's population, yet close to 40% of our country's prison population.
Recent exonerations in Texas show that there are innocent people serving time in our prison. The overwhelming amount of those who have been released because of wrongful arrest, prosecution and imprisonment were poor and black. It's something with which we must come to grips, because these are people who if and when released, return home with little support and with inadequate skills to navigate a world that has left them behind.

Tomorrow night at the Angelika Theater, CitySquare will be hosting a free public screening of the documentary 'Crime After Crime'. It is the story of Debbie Peagler, a black woman who was eventually freed after being wrongfully imprisoned for 27 years in prison.


Come join us for the screening and a conversation afterwards with Alan Bean of Friends of Justice, for a look at the problem of wrongful incarceration as well as efforts to make certain that justice is done for both the victims of crime and the victims of this terrible miscarriage of justice.

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