Tuesday, September 6, 2011

John Wesley on Poverty

"Has poverty nothing worse in it than this, it makes men liable to be laughed at? Is not want of food something worse than this?"
"God pronounced it as a curse upon man that he should earn it by the sweat of his brow.But how many are there in this Christian country that toil, and labor, and sweat, and have it not at last, but struggle with weariness and hunger together? Is it not worse for one, after a hard days labor, to come back to a poor, cold, dirty, uncomfortable lodging, and to find there not even the food which is needful to repair his wasted strength? You that live at ease on this earth, that want nothing but eyes to see, and ears to hear, and hearts to understand how well God hath dealt with you, is it not worse to seek bread day by day, and find none? Perhaps to find the comfort also of five or six children crying for what he has not to give!"
"Were it not that he is restrained by an unseen hand, would he not soon acurse God and die? O want of bread! Want of bread! Who can tell what this means, unless he hath felt it himself? I am astonished it occasions no more than heaviness even in them that believe."
John Wesley

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