Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Morning Blessing

One of the most prolific writers and Gospel musicians produced by the Black Church is Andrae Crouch.
He has been a towering figure (particularly in the Black Church) for more than 30 years! His songs not only speak of the longings of the human soul for God, but he has a way of striking the balance between music that is culturally appealing but worshipful as well.

I'm betraying my age, but there was a time when 'We Are Not Ashamed' was considered 'contemporary' Gospel Music!

When I was a pastor, I was proud of the range of our choirs, but they always received special praise and commendation from me when they sung scripture. While contemporary (and traditional) Gospel/church music can drift into the theologically 'unsound', there is almost no way you can go wrong singing scripture. Referenced in this offering are passages familiar to a great number of believers: Romans 1:16; Psalm 119:105 and Luke 4:18.

Beautiful! Simply Beautiful! Enjoy...

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