Sunday, November 20, 2011

So...What are You Doing?

If you work with me long enough, you know how profoundly enamored I am of the Clinton Global Initiative. It's not just because of President Bill Clinton, for whom I have an enormous amount of admiration, rather it is because this is a gathering of people determined to make the world better.

For me, the greatest irritants are those people who have decided that the problems of the world are too big and who, in response to those problems, shrink the world down to their address and hurl invective and insult and those who still try. Those people are really tiring. They are tiring because there is always something we can do. Always a change we can make. Always lives we can make better, beyond our household, beyond our friends and our family. It's just easy to not want to be bothered and get defensive when someone else's work makes you realize you should be doing something as well.

This clip is really just to give you another sense of what I find thrilling about the CGI. It's a forum where people can report, converse, think, commit and then go back out into an impossible world and try again.  To me, that kind of fellowship of servants is the fellowship to which I belong. And whether they work in a school or in a church, or a fraternity or sorority, or on their job really helping others, they inspire, encourage and enrich my life with their examples.

They keep me going.

By the way - what are you doing?!

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