Friday, December 9, 2011

Voter ID Laws ARE the Fraud Perpetrated on America

Voter ID fraud...

In Texas, it is such a problem that Texas Governor Rick Perry labeled Voter ID laws 'emergency legislation'. Yet a 2005 investigation by State Attorney General Greg Abbot turned up no instances of the crime that could be prosecuted...none.

So when did the this crime wave take place?

The fact is this became a huge issue when first time voters went to the polls in unprecedented numbers to vote in the 2008 Presidential election.

"...Republican support for early voting vanished after Obama utilized it as a key part of his strategy in 2008. Nearly 30 percent of the electorate voted early that year, and they favored Obama over McCain by 10 points. The strategy proved especially effective in Florida, where blacks outnumbered whites by two to one among early voters, and in Ohio, where Obama received fewer votes than McCain on Election Day but ended up winning by 263,000 ballots, thanks to his advantage among early voters in urban areas like Cleveland and Columbus."

This assault on voting rights says in effect, that there couldn't possibly have been a legitimate way that Barack Obama was elected president. There must have been thousands of criminals perpetrating a fraud on America's electoral system. It couldn't possibly be an unacceptable GOP candidate. The enthusiasm for Obama had to have been so manufactured as to be illegal. 

And so a dozen states have decided to rip the fabric of the American franchise and decide ways to make Americans prove their eligibility to vote at the polling place - an arcane homage to the constant questioning of Obama's citizenship eligibility to hold the highest office in the land. The passage of these laws are ostensibly to prevent voter ID fraud, and to do so over against the inability to prove more than numerically or statistically infinitesimal evidence of such fraud. But the extended consequence of these laws is to place barriers to the ability of past or potential voters who may vote Democratic (i.e. vote for Obama). These laws have also been passed without regard to consistency or logic. For instance in Texas a concealed gun license is accepted ID - but an ID issued by a state university is not!

 Interestingly enough, GOP dominated state legislatures belong to a party which in 2000 presidential election, responded to cries of voter fraud (after George W. Bush won the election after losing the popular vote) with the words 'Get over it!'. 

There are literally more instances of people being struck by lightening or UFO sightings than there are instances of voter fraud. 

So far, the Department of Justice is holding up approval of Texas' Voter ID laws. It will most likely not be ruled upon before the March primary, and probably not before the November 2012 election. 

But there are three things Texans in particular can do who care about the franchise for which people like Viola Liuzzo and James Reeb died. 1) We can make voter registration a serious campaign throughout our state - especially among the young, the poor and the elderly. 2) Make sure that everyone is prepared to go through the process and obey the law that is on the books - just in case 3) in the unlikely event that this law is approved by the DOJ, work to get the law repealed in the 2013  legislative session. Even if approved, just because the state can do something doesn't mean it should do something - Voter ID laws fall in the category of that 'something' that states should not, indeed must not do!

Voter ID laws are the actual fraud being perpetrated on American citizens!

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