Monday, January 2, 2012

"Blogging While Black" Important Insight into Black Social Media

Shawn Williams, author of the DallasSouth is one of my favorite people and I'm proud to call him a friend. And although belatedly, I'm also very proud to recommend his first book, 'Blogging While Black'.

Shawn let me know of his effort a couple of months ago and I immediately bought a copy online. That's an indication of how much I value his perspective.

'Blogging While Black' is a number of things: a primer on how to join the blogesphere; a journal that gives us insight through his eyes on some of the most significant episodes in local, statewide and national events, such as the 2006 bond election, racial unrest in Paris, TX and Jena, LA and the 2008 election of Barack Obama as the nation's first black President; but it is also a commentary on the emerging significance of responsible bloggers who have more and more become a source for mainstream media - particularly black bloggers.

Shawn started DallasSouth News about two years before I began 'Change the Wind'. As such, Shawn has been both an inspiration and a source upon which I've come depend. He's been an inspiration in that he has taken blogging to an entrepreneurial level that has made him a significant voice on issues impacting African-Americans in Dallas and, in a number of instances, across the country. And in 'Blogging While Black' Shawn generously shares how blogging went from a hobby to serious journalism by providing perspective that is all too often missing in mainstream media.

'Blogging While Black' is yet another creative venture by a young man who is carving an enviable niche in local media - his appearance on television news, radio as well as electronic media has helped inform my perspective and stimulated my thinking. I've used what Shawn William's work on a number of occasions for information and material found in 'Change the Wind' and my Dallas Morning News columns.

Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy of  'Blogging While Black'. And if your so inclined, join the rest of us in trying to provide an alternative in shaping the public conversation on the issues of our day important to all of us. Shawn's book is another way of telling you 'jump on in, the water's fine'!

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