Sunday, January 8, 2012

She REALLY Did It? Yep. Now it's Your Turn!

I'm not kidding, about the time I got in my 40's, I developed a skittishness about heights. I'm not phobic mind you, I still fly with no real problem (turbulence, however, can be unsettling reminder that I'm 35,000 feet in the air!). But, I don't go out of my way to go up to the 50th floor of a building and, I have only been on the roof of 511 Akard (15 stories) ONCE - and that's not accidental.

Mostly I have trouble watching heights - you know, on television, in movies. And I figure, no sane person could possible scale the side of a building, or walk on a ledge - things that I thrilled to see when I was a teen and even into my late 30's.

So when I saw CitiBank's commercial - the one with the mountain climbing girl who stands God-knows-how many feet high, I immediately branded her as insane! And then I remembered how advanced technology is and I assured anyone within earshot that this was computer generated...

Well, not so much.

Turns out the woman climbing a rock tall enough that she could scrape her knuckles on a the under belly of a helicopter, is really on top of the world! Seriously! Now in my book that not only makes her insanity a speculative matter, she really is verifiable certifiable.

But I also thought about something: this young lady has challenged (and apparently conquered) one of the most basic human fears. How 'bout that?! Think about it - she climbed that rock and stands atop it!

We're at the beginning of 2012 and most of us have one of those rock formations we've been trying to climb throughout 2011. Whatever it is, it represents for some of us it represents a maximum investment toward some particular fulfillment or self actualization. For some others of us, it means taking the risk to care - really care - and become engaged in making life better for others. That's quite a mountain to climb! 

This world depends on each of us being the best we can be. It depends upon us being willing to be the best neighbors we can be. There are those who are trying to make this world an exceedingly small place. A place where not much matters but them and the people at their address. It's not bad. It's just small. Especially when we realize that not even the people we love at home can reach their potential without others. 

So climb the mountain...


Reach out. 



Others will think your they look at you from the base of the rock formation they've yet to climb!

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