Thursday, February 23, 2012

The American Experience: Clinton - Well Worth Watching!

Barack Obama, notwithstanding, it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that Bill Clinton is my favorite president. 

An outstanding politician, incredibly smart and in many ways, disturbingly flawed, Clinton's presidency was the stuff of legend. He has ingratiated himself to and alienated himself from some of his most ardent supporters. Many of us who admired him throughout his time in office, engendered the hatred of his rivals and enemies and disappointed his base. But at the end of the day, he left office the most popular president in history, he balanced the budget, created millions of jobs and left the country with a surplus of over $200 billion.  What disappoints those of us who were fervent supporters, is that he could have done even more, were it not for the scandals (Monica Lewinski included) and some of the compromises he made. 

PBS' recent documentary on his life and career is a stellar contribution to helping us understand what his leadership and his considerable contributions were like. It's well worth watching. Clinton was a competitor and a survivor. Branding himself as 'The Comeback Kid', he proved himself capable of coming back time and time again, not only in his campaigns, but even faced with a farcical impeachment. 

Here's an excerpt. You can watch the entire program here...

Watch Clinton on PBS. See more from American Experience.

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