Monday, March 12, 2012

Khan Academy - An Innovative Approach to Learning!

This segment on '60 Minutes' was just fascinating to me!

Sal Khan is originator of 'Khan Academy' a non-profit, free online tutorial resource for, well...everything!

Ok, everything may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for math, science, humanities this is a tremendous tool for a wealth of information that most of us don't keep at our finger tips.

The tutorials are videos with voice overs and diagrams that help you understand practically everything from biology, to algebra and calculus or civics. Bill Gates' children used it to help them with their homework and Gates eventually became one of Khan Academy's primary donors (this is a hint to parents, looking for a help for their kids!).

This first clip is the actual '60 Minutes' segment.

And here is an actual video from Khan Academy which explains the Electoral College - something that I think will be pretty relevant in a few months!


Where WAS this when I was in school?!

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