Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mayor Corey Booker Coming to Dallas for CitySquare!

We're excited about Newark, New Jersey Mayor Corey Booker being the keynote speaker at CitySquare's Annual Prayer Breakfast!

I wrote about Booker last year. Those of us who have been following his career as one of the most dynamic mayors in our country have respected and admired him from afar. And we think that he has strengthened Newark employing some of the same values that we espouse at CitySquare.

We're still looking for sponsors for the event and tickets are going fast! You'd better hurry, you don't want to miss this!

And for those who don't know about Corey Booker, here's a sample...


One of my friends at the Dallas Morning News, editorial writer Bill McKenzie, appears to have discovered Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker. 


Corey is a bright star on the political horizon, and, barring anything unforeseen, is limited only by his ambition and his desire to serve. Booker is a charismatic, intelligent, eloquent politician. And as Bill points out here, is quite capable of engaging an audience...

"For those who may not know Booker, he is an African-American who at various points has been a major high school football star, a Stanford football player, a Rhodes Scholar and a Yale Law grad. Oh, yes, and he's run into a burning building to save a neighbor."

"While he did not grow up in poverty, his father did. Booker's journey is thus quintessentially American.

Who he really reminds me of is Bill Clinton. Booker struck me as someone who can put together a narrative like Clinton and hold your attention. President Obama can do this sometimes, but he too often sounds like a college prof delivering a lecture -- a stern one at that."

"Booker, by contrast, used humor, and self-deprecating humor at that, in his speech at the University of Pennsylvania. He made fun of his, er, hefty build compared to Obama's lean figure. As he did, he jokingly said about the skinnier Obama: I hate him. Then, he laughed and said, I can see the headline now: Booker says he hates Obama."

"Of course, he was teasing, but he did it in a way that poked fun at himself and put the audience at ease. I don't recall Clinton using humor at his own expense, but he certainly could make many people comfortable as they listened to him."

For those who have never seen or heard him (and those who have!), here's Cory Booker!

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