Friday, June 15, 2012

It Made too Much Sense NOT to Do It...

Another victory realized for CitySquare's work in Public Policy.

If you live in the Dallas area and you're receive SNAP benefits, or you know anyone who does, help us get the word out: Dallas Farmers Market has officially begun taking the food stamps...

And this, from the Dallas Morning News...

"Back in November, we reported that the Dallas Farmers Market would soon accept the state’s Lone Star food stamp card."

"Turns out soon was eight months later. Word came today that, at long last, a “SNAP shop” was set up last weekend where people can use their Lone Star cards to get tokens to purchase food from vendors."

"The vendors are then repaid in cash. Funding for Lone Star cards comes from the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program."

"Rev. Gerald Britt, of CitySquare, has worked with City Hall and the Friends of the Dallas Farmers Market for a long time to set up a way for low-income people to access the market’s fresh produce."

"He said he is excited about the development, even if it took longer than he had hoped."

"“What we heard last weekend was they anticipated getting about $150 worth of business, and it was over $350 without any promotion at all,” Britt said."

"It’s unclear what impact the city’s ongoing effort to privatize the market will have on the effort."

"But it doesn’t seem like the money-losing market is in a position to turn away business."

"Meanwhile, the benefit for Lone Star card holders could be important."

"Obesity and the health problems it causes are rampant in Dallas at all income levels. It was hard to understand why a city-owned market that offers healthy food was essentially unavailable to those who rely on assistance for their meals."

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