Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Refreshing Prospect

This is going to be interesting!
I have heard of the prospect of Rev. Frank Luter becoming president of the Southern Baptist Convention, but I'll confess I haven't known of him or heard him preach. But this would be interesting. 

I'll confess that when I was a pastor, I was particularly suspicious of the SBC. It's track record, with minorities was not good. And it showed no signs of getting better. The very idea that Luter is considered by some to be a serious contender for president of the convention, is a sign of some change. 

Should he be elected, whether or not he will be able to lead, to help make it a more inclusive body, will remain to be seen. It's a tall order for a two year stint, but it's serious opportunity for Luter and for Southern Baptists. 
I know this - I'll be praying for him and for the convention. Change has been a long time coming. 

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