Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Prayer for the Citizens of Aurora, Colorado

I usually tell friends, 'If you want to drive yourself crazy, try to make sense out of something that just doesn't make sense'. 

That's the way I feel about the shootings which happened in Aurora, Colorado early Friday morning at the midnight showing of the movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Speculations about domestic or foreign terrorism would have almost been comforting, because it would have taken the sting out of the randomness of a madman simply spraying a movie theater with a hail of gunfire. But unfortunately it appears that once more, there really is no political ideology or cultural dysfunction to blame. Once again, it appears to be a lone unhinged young man whose life had spiraled out of control and who inflicted his internal pain on a theater full of strangers. 

However, senseless the tragedy may have been it doesn't make the lives of those who died or those who were injured insignificant. In times those individuals and those families will discover what this means to them. And they will put the cautionary tale of the shooters life in a positive context. But right now, the hearts of this community and the country are bruised and sore with the sheer weight of another violent act. 

My prayer for them this morning is that they all find healing. I pray that their lives are infused with a greater sense of purpose and that, as tragic and traumatic as this incident is, I pray that they do not lose heart and that, to paraphrase the words of Philippians 4:9, the God of Peace shall be with them. 

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