Thursday, July 26, 2012

Stop Exploitation Masquerading as Commerce

CitySquare's fight against payday and auto title lenders is a tough one. Working with the Anti-Poverty Coalition locally, we were able to successfully push for the strongest regulatory ordinances in the nation. The city of Austin followed suit. San Antonio, Houston and El Paso seem to be preparing to pass similar ordinances. 

This story tells why the fight continues. Unable to do business as usual in Dallas, one chain, Title Max, is transferring it's Dallas loans to it's stores in the suburbs in an effort to evade compliance. 
The Anti-Poverty Coalition is now trying to meet with mayors of DFW suburbs to urge them to fight back as well. Our elected representatives must protect its financially vulnerable and sometimes even desperate citizens. 

There is something wrong with a business model that must enslave consumers in order to make a profit. We're fighting back. You can join us! If you live in a Dallas suburb, call your city officials and demand that they adopt the Dallas/Austin ordinances. Call on them to draft a resolution to your state representatives and senator in support of even tougher legislation to regulate this industry. Let them know that Texans will not support regulation masquerading as commerce!

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