Monday, September 24, 2012

CitySquare Presents "The Revisionaries": Only Texas' Future is at Stake

On October 11, CitySquare's Public Policy Department will host a screening of the documentary, 'The Revisionaries' which depicts the contentious battle between conservatives and moderates on Texas' State Board of Education in establishing textbook standards in science and social studies for the Lone Star State. The results of the hearings and deliberations shown in this film will impact public education in Texas until revisited in 2020.

The controversy first came on my radar when I read about efforts to ignore the contributions of Mexicans in the battle of the Alamo in social studies. The implications, considering the growth of the Hispanic population are alarming. But the apparent attempt to exclude references to the cultural and political contributions of minorities and 'liberals' ought to alarm us all. The attempts to teach science or history in ways which 'affirm' the values of a particular ideological group and to ignore anything that cannot fit through that ideological grid, no matter how historically accurate or scientifically contested means that public education will devolve into the teaching of palatable and convenient dogma and myth, robbing our children of the capacity to think and challenge. 

'The Revisionaries', an award winning documentary, is an important film, as will be our community conversation afterwards, which will involve film participants SMU professor and Texas Freedom Network board member, Dr. Ron Wetherington and State Board of Education member, Mavis Knight. 

Because of redistricting, all 15 seats on Texas' State Board of Education will be voted on in November. It's a down ballot election that is not being talked about, but it is as important as any other vote you will make in the next 40 plus days. The future of our state depends on it!

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