Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fewer Uninsured Americans and Other Benefits of the Affordable Care Acts

If you're like me and have a son or a daughter you're able to carry on your insurance past the age of 18 because of the Affordable Care Act, you might be interested to know that impact of that phase of the law is becoming more noticeable. A recent article in the Dallas Business Journal says the rate of uninsured Americans is going down (in Texas, however, not so much!)...

"The number of people without health insurance is ticking down, although the decrease is less than dramatic in Texas, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Wednesday."

"An estimated 48.6 million people are uninsured for medical care in the United States, representing a 1.4 million decrease from an estimated 50 million uninsured in 2010. The rate dropped from 16.3 percent to 15.7 percent during the same period."

"So, what created this slight decrease?"

"Steve Love, president and CEO of the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council, said young adults accounted for the largest drop in the uninsured population. People age 19-25 fell 2.2 percentage points."

"The likely explanation is a provision in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act requiring insurers to allow parents to keep children on their family coverage until the age of 26. Love said.
In Texas, the uninsured rate decreased a mere 0.8 percent change. The private or employer-based insurance coverage increased 0.8 percent, most likely related to the national trend with 19-25 year olds, Love said."

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