Monday, November 19, 2012

'Teached' is in CitySquare Public Policy Department's 2013 Documentary Screening Schedule

One of my favorite (although at times nerve racking!), initiatives we have at CitySquare to promote public awareness about issues related to poverty is our documentary screenings.

We started in 2011 with the popular film, 'Waiting for Superman' and have since screened films that have dealt with hunger, the plight of black men and immigration, among other topics.We're putting together our list of films for 2013 and we're going to try something a little different.

One of our screenings will be a three part documentary entitled 'Teached' about inequality in public education. Education is key if children trapped in poverty are to be provided a pathway out of education. I believe all children can learn - and learn at high levels - however, all children don't have the same opportunities, let alone advantages. 'TEACHED' is a short film series that candidly assesses the causes and consequences of our nation's race-based “achievement gap," looking at continuing inequalities in our public school system and taking viewers into those communities where the effects are most severe to hear what solutions the students, parents, teachers and others have to offer.

Normally we have a pretty lively discussion with a guest panel that offer insights based on their areas of expertise related to the film. We'll have a different and we hope more challenging format with this short film series.

More to come on this as we finalize our preparations. I just wanted to give you a heads up to let you know that 2013 promises to be another great year in which CitySquare continues to tackle the root causes of poverty and confront the systems that sometimes have barriers that make it difficult for our neighbors to live out their dreams.

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