Sunday, January 20, 2013

Suzii Paynter Tapped to Head the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

You might have to know Suzii Paynter to be as excited as I am that she has been named to lead the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Suzii is a passionate advocate for justice. She understands the necessity for Christians to be a prophetic voice for the poor and underserved. She is a committed servant whose love for God easily translates into service to all men. She is literally a joy to be around. And this signal honor is not only well deserved, but speaks volumes of the type of strides they will make during her tenure. 

My friend George Mason, pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church here in Dallas probably says it better...

"Suzii is always about ministering to those who need us; advocating for justice for "the least of these"; seeking mercy and healing and redemption for those who are hurting; in short, being the presence of Christ."

Congratulations Suzii! And congratulations to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship on a wonderful choice!

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