Monday, February 18, 2013

The Call of Compassion

We don't have politicians who speak like this anymore. This was from the heart of one who had been touched by adversity and who allowed that adversity to make him more sensitive to the pain of others. All too often now, we allow our pain to separate us from one another, to build a wall between one another so that we don't feel that pain again. Only as we allow ourselves to reach out to one another in an attempt to understand and relate to one another - not require them to be like us, or feel like us - but to relate one another and to commit ourselves to one another for the purpose of building a better world. 

In the midst of our struggle to make our world whole - we pray that we unite around this challenge to work with one another, not to transcend our differences, but to find the unique value of those differences and how our lives are enriched by them. 

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