Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"The Makers..." A Must See for Women...and Men

"MAKERS: Women Who Make America" is a must see! 

This documentary about women's issues and the feminist movement is not only an informative look at how far we have come in the area of gender equality, it is a sobering look at how far we have to go. 

The one thing that was clear to me after watching it is that women's issues are men's issues as well. How we respect them (or disrespect them), how we treat them (or mistreat them) is a evidence of how we value their contributions. 

This presentation is a compelling look at how women's fight for equity goes to issues are small and large - anywhere from participation in the Boston Marathon, to Hillary Clinton's revolutionary role as First Lady. It includes a retrospective on the Equal Rights Amendment and revisiting the impact and significance of Anita Hill's testimony in the Senate confirmation hearing of Justice Clarence Thomas.

I don't really think it's fair to simply say that, as a man, 'Makers...' challenged my thinking. It inspired me. It should inspire all of and women.

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